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About Tim

I left University in 1993 and have been working ever since. I have built deep & diverse experience in NatWest Bank, IBM, ESB, Permanent TSB, Rabobank and running my own business. I have worked in Marketing, CRM, Data Analytics, Product Management, Digital and progressed through to senior leadership roles. I also spent a number of years as a Management Consultant building real problem-solving skills and comfort with complexity and ambiguity. I have worked across Europe, North America and Asia and have built a rich and rewarding network of relationships.

I set up Deep Cove in 2018 with a desire to work with clients who wanted to grow their business based on real insight into their customers and their chosen markets. I also believe strongly that the secret to sustained performance lies through the engagement of people and teams. I have engaged in lots of mentoring & coaching engagements across the last decade and I hugely enjoy this dimension of my work.

I am engaged with a number of start-up & scale-up companies as a Non-Exec Director, Mentor, Cheerleader & Founder. I have significant insight into the FinTech and EdTech markets.

I am exploring new entrepreneurial opportunities in the area of personal career management & change. Please do reach out to me if you would like to talk about this dynamic & evolving space, it is an area of real focus and passion.

I recently became an accredited GCologist. I work with both the GC Index and Young People Index tools to support individuals, teams, organisations, and kids in schools to create insight into their natural proclivity and energy for creating impact through their work. Organisations will thrive when there is alignment between individuals and their roles and the objectives of the business.

I hugely enjoy working life. I work to align my strategic & creative thought process, my deep experience, my empathy, a fun approach and a heart-felt desire to support and enable individuals, teams and organisations to thrive. 

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